Reply efficiently with suggestions

Our model gives reply suggestions to customer service operators. Instead of starting to type from scratch, an operator can edit a suggested response, saving operator time significantly.

Work in any channel

Overloaded with web chats? Customer support moving to social media? Too many incoming customer tweets? Our technology works for any channel.

Use from your favorite CRM

Our technology can integrated to your favorite chat management software. You do not need to change your workflow, work simply becomes more efficient.



We use our own research in machine learning to create the best reply suggestions possible. Our algorithm does not rely on existing APIs: it is a unique technology. To give the best possible responses, we have developed our own deep learning architecture, a variant of recurrent neural networks.


Our technology does not rely on a single rule. The ways in which your customers can ask you a question are countless. Furthermore, later in conversation, an answer to a customer should consider information from the whole discussion. Writing rules on how to reply in every possible situation is not possible.


Human time is precious, and bad reply suggestions only waste operator time. We improve suggestion quality continuously, and we show operators only high-quality suggestions that save them time.


Our system learns from past conversations to mimic a human operator. All our algorithm needs to make good suggestions are historical chat logs. No costly engineers are required for writing response rules. All new conversations teach the system, making it constantly better. No templated responses need to be sent to a customer.


True AI is a London-based artificial intelligence company. Our algorithm learns to reply to conversations, making customer service semi-automatic. This improves customer experience and saves precious service agent time for the hardest queries. Our algorithm is the result of years of research, building on top of cutting edge deep learning breakthroughs.

Expertise in deep learning, machine learning and business experience is what our team can proudly boast of. Prior to True AI, the team has worked in deep learning research at Yoshua Bengio's lab in Montreal and at Amazon Seattle. Their PhD publications have been featured e.g. in MIT Technology Review and NYTimes. We are graduates of IIT, UCL and CEMS, and alumni of McKinsey and Goldman Sachs.