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Hi, can you help me?
Hi there. Yes, of course. What seems to be the problem?
My wifi is super slow. What should I do?
I'm sorry about that. Have you tried resetting your router?
Could you provide your address and customer ID please?
Apologies for this, could you provide your account details?
I'm sorry about that. Have you tried resetting your router?

We provide AI-powered suggestions that save you precious time.

The high accuracy of our suggestions lets you automate up to 33% of queries.

This saves precious time for your customer service operator, which allows them to focus on the complex situations where customers need more attention.

Your customers are happier as they get the service they deserve the moment they need it.

How it works

A message from your customer appears in your CRM software.
True AI's deep learning algorithm suggests responses.
The agent selects and sends a response directly or with edits.


Respond faster

Our suggestions are accurate and can be sent immediately. Your agent's productivity increases by 30 - 50%.

Be in charge

True AI is not a naive bot that risks wasting your customers' time with bad answers. Instead, because of our suggestions, your operator remains in control.

Improve automatically

Our software learns every time you receive a question or use a suggestion. Simply put, as you use our software, the suggestions improve automatically.

Setup quickly

We have fully automated the magic of AI training so that you can use all the benefits that True AI provides in only 2 weeks.

Integrate with every CRM

We brings the AI factor to your current CRM system. Whether you use Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom or a different CRM, True AI intergrates easily.

Support all channels

Our software supports any text-based channel, including your live chat, Facebook, Twitter and email.


Time and money saved.

If you have 1,000 chat operators using our suggestions, every year you directly save:



The value goes beyond savings.

Happy customers

Customers no longer have to wait hours for a reply. The quality and consistency also increase. Your customers will love that.

Reduced churn

89% of customers have permanently switched to a competitor after a bad experience. Happy customers will stay with you.

New sales conversations

Faster problem-solving enables more proactive sales conversations.

Shared knowledge

All existing and new conversations are stored and your operators' best practice answers are shared automatically through the suggestions.

Faster & cheaper onboarding

Your new operators would learn incredibly fast if they were always assisted by your most experienced operator. True AI is that operator.


Cloud-enabled SaaS solution

We provide the essential AI component to your customer support conversations. All of our software is accessible in the cloud or on-premises and protected with state-of-the-art data storage and networking security solutions.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our AI learns how to respond to questions by automatically analysing your past chats. It also enables us to improve automatically with every new conversation. True AI is why our suggestions are accurate.

Built with Deep Neural Networks

Our team of experienced scientists and engineers has made cutting-edge deep learning developments. We have implemented and refined Recurrent Neural Networks to optimally model support conversations.

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