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What is your product?

Customer support agents spend most of their time solving simple but repetivite customer queries. Our product is software that provides automatic, intelligent response suggestions for customer support operators. We can integrate our suggestions with your existing CRM system using our plugin. The product is more intelligent and effective than currently used automation alternatives, such as copy & paste templates or rule-based chatbots.

How is your product different than a chatbot?

Most chatbots are simple, rule-based systems. They can answer to a set of questions that have to be manually programmed (e.g. if customer says X, respond with Y). That approach is costly to implement and is not flexible - if a customer phrases a simple question slightly different than programmed, the chatbot won't understand.

True AI approaches the problem differently. Using cutting-edge deep learning research, our software is able to automatically understand common patterns from past conversations and can generate suitable responses on its own. It also improves automatically over time from the conversations and the operators’ feedback.

Can you automate phone calls?

Our product works for text-based customer support - live chat, emails, social media (inc. Twitter), etc. Voice-based automation is on our to-do list.

What is the business case?

Automatic response suggestions save valuable time of customer support agents who are often faced with an overwhelming volume of repetitive queries.

What does the product cost?

We charge a bespoke fee per used suggestion or a fixed-term license. Please contact us for a quote.

Can your software work in my company?

If you are facing a high volume of repetitive customer queries, the highly probable answer is Yes! At the moment, our current software can create effective responses if provided with a relatively large volume of past support conversations. If you face challenges in optimising your support function, please reach out. We would love to help you!

Can your software work in any industry?


Which languages do you support?

Our software supports European languages (we have conducted tests with English and Finnish). If you have are interested in using a particular language, please message with details.

Which channels can you support?

At the moment we support live chat and social media. We are working on email and forum support.

Will you offer ...?

  • Routing - Yes, in near future
  • Sales automation - Yes, in near future
  • Text analytics - Yes, in near future
  • Products other than customer support or sales - Yes, in long-term future
  • Voice analytics - Depending of the business case size, we could develop a system to work with Voice. Please message
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) - Depending of the business case size, we can consider it. Please message
  • Machine learning consulting - Depending of the business case size, we can consider it. Please message

Who are your customers?

We are currently piloting with customers of varying size and from different industries, including government, adtech, E-Commerce and fashion.


What systems do you integrate with?

We have currently developed, or are developing integrations for Salesforce, Zendesk and Intercom. We are happy to build a custom integration with most systems, which is a process that takes ~2 weeks.

How much data do you need?

Depending on the dataset we will need between 50,000 - 1,000,000 conversations to create an effective solution. The exact required volume of data depends on the dataset complexity (more repetitive data = less data required).

What is the installation cost?

Installation is free of charge if it does not require a custom integration. Please message for details.

How long does the installation process take in total?

After we have received the customer’s data, we will need between 5 - 15 days to train our algorithm. Then our software is ready to go!

How can I send you the data?

We will provide you a secure upload link and can provide you with technical support throughout the data sharing process.

What format should I extract the data in?



How does the tech work? Do you just spot keywords?

We research and develop cutting-edge deep learning AI algorithms that fully analyse the context and meaning of text passages. The patterns learned from the initial training allow the software to generate relevant future suggestions.

How do you train the algorithm?

By using a dataset provided by the customer consisting of past conversations.

How secure is the technology?

We follow strict security policies and best data safety practices - Microsoft Azure threat blocking, detection and logging services, Azure Web application firewall for detection and prevention of malicious requests, Azure DDos protection, HTTPS encryption, storage encryption and anonymisation, OAuth2 authentication, Azure KeyVault storage, employee security and confidentiality training, security clearances and NDAs, professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

What is the product API? How can I access it?

We have an API in a development state. Please contact for a preview.

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