Frequently Asked Questions

What are you building?

We use AI techniques to develop tools that facilitate and enable new conversations. Our current product is TypeGenie - providing sentence completions and macro recommendations for customer service agents. Visit to learn more.

How does your AI technology work?

Our AI is self-learning - it automatically learns to respond and act based on past and ongoing feedback. The technology is based on our proprietary research and deep learning state-of-the-art scientific knowledge.

How are you different from existing AI systems?

Most of today's so-called AI is based on software rules or partial machine learning. A prime example in the conversational domain are chatbots. Chatbots use IF-THEN type rules ("If the customer says X, THEN respond with Y") to generate responses. More sophisticated bots use basic machine learning to be more flexible in recognising incoming queries.

Given the complexity of human language, this aproach is prohibitively expensive and inflexible. It also typically fails to deliver a personalised, empathetic experience for the user, at times leading to frustration and wasted time.

We believe that superior algorithms and effective data usage have the potential to unleash a new generation of TypeTech tools. We believe our work will be in large part driving this revolution.

How secure is the technology?

We follow strict security policies and best data safety practices, including but not limited to Microsoft Azure threat blocking, detection and logging services, Azure Web application firewall for detection and prevention of malicious requests, Azure DDOS protection, HTTPS encryption, storage encryption and anonymisation, OAuth2 authentication, Azure KeyVault storage, employee security and confidentiality training, security clearances and NDAs, professional indemnity as well as public liability insurance.

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